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Baby boy sleeps in dads hands while wrapped in a blanket in Salt Lake City, Utah

Experienced Birth Photographer vs. Someone who is Just Starting Out

I’m not going to lie to you – my first birth photography session was NOT that great. It was clear that I was naïve to the birth process, the small space, the lighting situation, where to stand, when to come, etc. I didn’t know what angles and shots I should have gotten. I didn’t know (more…)

Baby sleeping in bassinet wearing a University of Utah hat

Ezra’s Fresh 48 Session & Video | Salt Lake City Fresh 48 Photographer

I am so happy I was able to capture this fresh 48 session for this sweet fam! Ezra was born at the Univeristy of Utah Hosptial in Salt Lake City, Utah. Not only did he have the perfect skin and hair, but he was also so well behaved. Below is the fresh 48 video. (more…)

Mother and Father smile at each other after giving birth to their son during a birth photography session

Lydia’s Birth Story | Salt Lake City Birth Photographer

I was first in contact with Lydia and Ben about 4 to 5 months ago, when their doula (Beth Hardy with Hear Tones Doula) had contacted me to mention that they may be interested in hiring a birth photographer to preserve their birth story. After contacting them, they had decided to book the birth session for a due date of early December. (more…)

Newborn baby sleeping on mothers chest directly after birth captured by salt lake city birth photographer

Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer

Imagine with me for a second that you are grey and old. Your children have grown up and are all moved out of your house. They’re married now and they’ve provided you with sweet grandchildren that you adore. Now imagine being able to open a memory box with images from one of the most important days of your life – the birth of your child. Imagine the happiness and love you will feel when you’re able to remember those sweet moments that changed your life forever. (more…)

Utah mom in labor while husband, doula and midwife apply counter pressure on her hips

Kristina’s Birth Story | Salt Lake City Birth Photographer

Kristina contacted be about 1-2 weeks before her due date in hopes of booking a birth session. This was my 4th birth session for the month of August, but I didn’t have any clients due during the week of her due date, so I was able to squeeze her session in. About a week later (and the night after my birthday!), I received a call at 2:30 am. (more…)

Birth Fresh 48 Photography session

Fresh 48 Session Guide

A fresh 48 session is a session in hospital (or location of birth) within 24-48 hours of birth. My main goal for these sessions is to capture the raw and candid first moments with your baby. The sessions are lifestyle sessions, which means they aren’t posed and props aren’t used. (more…)

A Doula’s View on Birth Photography

In my line of work, I often meet many other birth workers who’s goals are simple: to provide a positive birth experience.

Utah Doulas & Company and I have teamed up to provide Utah moms with the best birth experience from numerous types of birth workers. (more…)

Newborn Photography Session Prep Guide


Newborn photography is one of the harder niches to specialize in, because baby is boss! Getting them to settle in poses and into a deep sleep can take longer than most people expect. I have complied this prep guide to help you prepare for the best newborn session possible! (more…)

Birth photographer captures nurse taking newborn babies temperature

Birth Photography Guide

Birth sessions are one of my favorite types of sessions. I have no doubt that your baby’s birthday will be absolutely beautiful. This post will help guide you in preparation for your birth story. (more…)

Husband and wife dancing in an outdoor location with trees surrounding them

A Little More About Me!

Hey guys, I decided I’d kick off my first blog with a little introduction!

My name is Rowan and I am a local photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake (well, mostly) and grew up in a few different neighborhoods throughout the valley. I spent my sophomore and senior years of high school in Bellingham, Washington, but (more…)