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Woman labors in the bath tub at the hospital during the birth of her baby

Frankie’s Birth Story | An Unmedicated Birth

I recently had the pleasure of attending a beautiful, unmedicated hospital birth in Lehi, Utah. Below is a beatiful birth story, written by the mother – Enjoy! (more…)

My Birth Story | Charlotte Finn

I woke up at 4am to a very sharp contraction. The first thought in my head was “could this be it?” I noted the time and fell back asleep.
Again, I was woken up to a sharp contraction. It’s been about 25 minutes since the last one. I decide to get up and take a bath. As the hours continue, the slowly get closer and closer together. (more…)

Dad admires his son in hospital after his birth

How to Afford a Birth Photographer

So you want one, but you aren’t sure how you can afford a birth photographer. I get it, birth photography can seem expensive and can be a big decision in a lot of people’s lives. But before I jump into ways to afford a birth photographer, I want to give a little spiel about WHY birth photography is priced the way it is! It’s so important to understand the time, effort and expenses behind something before being ready to fully invest into it! (more…)

Mother holds urn of baby who passed away over her pregnant belly

Pregnancy After Loss

This post definitely doesn’t have anything to do with photography (and has to with pregnancy after loss), but it’s been weighing on my mind a lot lately as I enter the third trimester of this pregnancy.

First, I want to start off by saying I have been pregnant for FOURTEEN months at this point. I have had three consecutive pregnancies since last February and it has been a whirlwind of emotions through every step of the way. (more…)

two doulas, two midwives, a nurse and a husband apply pressure and support to mother as she labors in a Utah birth story

Raquel’s Hospital Birth | Salt Lake City Birth Photographer

This birth was a quick one. She had done the majority of her laboring at home. Her doula, Kasaundra, messaged me to tell me that they were heading in and that she was feeling “shaky,” which can be an indicator of transition. We all headed out and arrived at the hospital at the same time. (more…)

Mom holds twin boys after a twin home birth in utah

Twin Home Birth

A twin home birth is not something that most people come across often. A lot of people think that twins NEED to be delivered in an OR via c section… and while that CAN be true, it’s also true that you can birth twins vaginally, at home and with one baby even being BREECH. (This was a unicorn birth FOR SURE!) (more…)

Laboring mother hugs onto dad while experiencing contractions during a birth story session

Attempted VBAC | Salt Lake City Birth Photographer

I met this family last second and the decision to document thier birth came only days before they ended up in the hospital after her water broke. It was a last second decision, but it was so easy to connect with them as humans and parents. (more…)

Three doulas headshots

World Doula Week

As some of you may know, its world doula week! But a lot of you might not know what a doula even does.
A doula is a pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum companion who provides the laboring person and their partner physical and emotional support. (more…)

Husband and wife cuddle on a white bed while cradling her pregnant belly

My Experience with Prenatal Massage

Okay, I told you guys that I would update you on my FIRST EVER prenatal massage. First things first – I AM SOLD on these. 110% sold. But before I get into my experience at Maternal Massage, I want to drop some info on the benefits of prenatal massage.

In addition to simply feeling awesome, prenatal massage can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy. (more…)

Baby boy sleeps in dads hands while wrapped in a blanket in Salt Lake City, Utah

Experienced Birth Photographer vs. Someone who is Just Starting Out

I’m not going to lie to you – my first birth photography session was NOT that great. It was clear that I was naïve to the birth process, the small space, the lighting situation, where to stand, when to come, etc. I didn’t know what angles and shots I should have gotten. I didn’t know (more…)