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    An Adoption Story

    I am lucky for the opprotunity to document many things in my life, but the documentation of this adoption birth was something that struck me to my core. A younger me had a hard time understanding adoption, but as I got older, had more children and started documenting so many different stories, I have a deeper level of understanding, acceptance and love.

    Newborn baby boy cries under a warmer while nurse holds him up
    (Some names in this post will be withheld for client privacy)


    First Contact

    A while back, I had put out a model call for a reduced session price in order to gain expierence with videography during birth sessions. I had a lot of people interested, but a special message really reached out to me and I KNEW I had to be there to document this special story. I was asked to doucment a birth, but it was special – this baby was being adopted by two loving fathers. I easily accpted the opprotunity, spoke with all parties involved and put them in my schedule.

    The Labor Call

    An induction date was set in place, but fate took the wheel and she ended up going into labor a few days before her induction date. Things started off quick, so after she was checked in and the epidural was placed, I drove down to the hosptial. The two fathers seemed excited and nervous. They anxiously awaited the birth of their son, while taking such good care of the woman bringing their son into this world.
    Two dads wait patiently in the hospital while they wait for their son to be born Mom sits in a hospital bed while she labors
    They made her feel comfotable. They covered her with her favorite blanket. They sat by herside the whole time. It was really beautiful. Things slowed down a bit, and we all were able to rest and take things easy. As the morning approcahed, her doctor broke her waters to get things moving a little quicker.
    And that’s all it took. Shortly after, she was complete and ready to push.

    The Delivery

    Dad holds a leg while mom pushes during birth of son Nurse suctions the nose of a newborn baby that was placed on his mothers chest Dads cut the umbilical cord of their newborn baby son
    The delivery was very smooth and little baby Tucker was quickly placed on his mom’s chest. The nurses suctioned out his nose to clear it of fluid. The dads were given the opprotunity to cut the umbilical cord, and decided to do it together.
    Little baby Tucker was taken to the warmer, where nurses measured him, took his weight and documented his footprints. The dads were instantly in love and it showed. They were so ready for this and you could feel the pure joy raidiating in the room. But there was also sadness. As selfless and wonderful as it is to have the courage to give your baby up for adoption, it’s also hard and very sad. There is SO much love for baby Tucker and it’s safe to say he touched the life of everyone in that room that day.
    Newborn baby is placed on the scale at the hospital to record his weight Baby is sat up on the hospital warmer, while nurse takes measurements
    Newborn baby's footprint is documented by nurse in hosptialNew dad holds is son who was just bornMom hold her newborn son after birth
    Mom hands newborn son to adoptive dadsNew dads admire their newborn son in hospital chairs
    I am so gratful to have been able to be present in such a sacred, special birth. There is SO much love for little baby Tucker.