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    Experienced Birth Photographer vs. Someone who is Just Starting Out

    I’m not going to lie to you – my first birth photography session was NOT that great. It was clear that I was naïve to the birth process, the small space, the lighting situation, where to stand, when to come, etc. I didn’t know what angles and shots I should have gotten. I didn’t know how to handle the client experience, the best way to securely deliver private photos or what type of insurance I should have had before ever stepping into that room.
    I’m tell you all of this, because I think it’s important to help people understand WHY you should hire an experienced birth photographer that is established in the industry.
    Midwife showing newborn baby's umbilical cord in birthing tub during a home birth story

    No Do-Overs

    Much like a wedding, a birth is something that doesn’t have do-overs. You won’t be able to capture these specific moments ever again. It’s quite literally one of the most important days you’ll ever have and birth photographers are there to help preserve that moment forever. Putting such a big day in the hands of someone with less experience can prove to be risky. They could miss important moments, use cameras that can’t handle low light situations well (therefor provide low quality images) and .
    Now, this isn’t me putting down photographers who are just starting out. In fact, I was one of those photographers not too long ago and I am extremely grateful for those families who allowed me to practice and gain experience during their births, but I was definitely priced in relation to the quality I was providing.

    Payment Plans ARE an Option

    I totally understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by the price of birth photography, but many legal and experienced birth photographers offer flexible payment plans and gift registry options that are WORTH it. If you’re willing to book by your 2nd trimester, you still have about 6 months to pay towards your session.
    This is a magical and IMPORTANT time in your life and you should invest in that so you’re able to have these memories for generations to come. If you’d like more information on why you should hire a birth photographer, click here!