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Why Hire a Birth Photographer

Birth is an important and special moment in your life. Whether you’re becoming a first-time parent or a fourth-time parent, each birth is a special occasion full of love, emotion and strength. When you hire a birth photographer, you can preserve the details that are unique to your birth experience.

Newborn baby sleeping on mothers chest directly after birth captured by salt lake city birth photographer

Here are a few reasons you should hire a birth photographer


  1. I have never heard someone say they regret hiring a birth photographer.


Yes, it’s true! I have never heard anyone say those words. BUT I have heard them say:


“I WISH I hired a birth photographer”

“I WISH I knew about birth photography for my last baby”

“Everything went so fast, I forgot all of the details”

“I wish my husband was able to support me during labor instead of taking pictures”

“My cell phone pictures came out dark and grainy”


  1. You’ll be able to remember and celebrate that special moment forever



When your child is old enough, you’ll be able to look back at these photos with them and walk them through the day that they were brought into this world. And better yet, when your children have children, you’ll be able to show your grandkids high-quality images of the first moments of their parents’ life.


  1. Your partner will be able to support you through labor



A lot of people hand their cell phone to their partner to snap some pictures of labor, but your partner should be there to support your through labor and help you bring your baby into the world.


In addition, the quality of photo produced from a cell phone is far less superior than a photo from a professional camera – especially in low light situations. (which brings me into my next point!)


  1. You’ll receive high-quality images


Part of being a great birth photographer is having good photography gear that will preform well in ALL birthing situations. In addition to having great gear with amazing low light capabilities, I understand how to use my camera’s settings in manual mode. Using manual mode allows me to tweak and change different settings to produce the best photos possible.
Below is an example of a cell phone quality image vs. an image from a professional camera.

As a mother myself, I understand that birth is an intimate and private moment. Birth stories aren’t just crowning images, but rather they tell a whole story from the start of active labor until the first few hours with your new baby. I will always protect your privacy and will never share images that you don’t want me to share. I understand the vulnerability and intimacy of birth photography and I will ensure you’re comfortable and happy with what is or isn’t shared publicly. Your photos will be delivered through a password protected online gallery.


In addition, I am accepting of every woman’s choice to have the birth experience that they think is best for themselves. I have attended hospital, home and birth center births, as well as unmedicated and medicated births – each being beautifully unique in their own way.