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    A Doula’s View on Birth Photography

    In my line of work, I often meet many other birth workers who’s goals are simple: to provide a positive birth experience.

    Utah Doulas & Company and I have teamed up to provide Utah moms with the best birth experience from numerous types of birth workers.


    Kasaundra, founder of Utah Doulas & Company,  explains below why she thinks birth photography is an important aspect of your birth plan!



    “Hi everyone! My name is Kasaundra Trout and I am the owner of Your Utah Doulas. Since there’s a small chance that you might not know what a doula is, here’s my elevator pitch: We are trained professionals who assist birthing families with their educational, emotional, and physical needs. It’s like bringing the textbook with you, only that textbook is really good at counter pressure and giving you bathroom breaks.


    I’m so excited to be here talking with you about birth photography. Kudos to amazing people like Rowan, who have invested in the time and equipment necessary to learn this skill. It’s definitely not in my own arsenal. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that I’m not passionate about it!


    So tell me. What do you think when you hear the phrase “birth photography?



    Some families are bought in the moment they hear about it. Others, well…birth is a messy process right? Why would they want pictures of it all?!


    I get the reasoning, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that birth photography is about more than that. And just so you know, you can tell your photographer to skip taking any photos you don’t want!


    You had a magical non-messy birth. And you have pictures to prove it. lol.
    As a doula, I am privy to some of the most intimate moments in a family’s life.


    I see the tender kiss on the forehead.


    The way mama leans into a loved ones hand.


    The inside joke causing fits of giggles.


    Both the “I can’t do it” and the “I did it” moments.


    The way the world stands still when mom and baby lock eyes for the first time.


    The tears.


    The joy.


    And the hope.


    These are the moments in our lives worth preserving.
    Granted, I know that the picture I just painted is rather perfect. Of course you’d want a birth photographer! But what if your birth isn’t anything like that? What about hard births? Or surgical births? Or lonely births? Or traumatic births?


    Yes, these births deserve to be documented as well.


    I find that birth photography can be a healing tool. Oftentimes, a woman in labor perceives what’s happening around her in a different light than she does weeks later.


    Having those photos can help confirm memories, uncover forgotten ones, and allow her to process the birth.


    Lastly, birth photography is one of the ultimate keepsakes. I only personally had them done once, but I cannot wait to sit down with my youngest child and flip through the photos of her own birth.


    Think back to the last time you watched a child look through photos of their younger self. Do you remember the awe? The giggles as they pointed and asked what big brother was doing in the photo? I am thrilled to have preserved those moments for her.


    As your doula, I want you to know that these memories matter because you matter. Honor this moment in time. 
    See you in the birth room.



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