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Raquel’s Hospital Birth | Salt Lake City Birth Photographer

This birth was a quick one. She had done the majority of her laboring at home. Her doula, Kasaundra, messaged me to tell me that they were heading in and that she was feeling “shaky,” which can be an indicator of transition. We all headed out and arrived at the hospital at the same time.
As Kasaundra and I were walking up to the hospital doors, Raquel and her husband were up at the front unloading their car and heading in. Raquel was getting consistent contractions, so Kasaundra helped provide hip squeezes on the way to the room, while her husband parked the car and found his way back to the room.
The lighting in the room was so dreamy. It was around 4pm and her contractions were coming only a few minutes apart. With help, she was undressed and put in a hospital gown. The midwife did a cervical check and determined that she was complete.)
With a swarm of nurses preparing, doulas doing hip squeezes, midwives helping apply counter pressure and someone trying to place an IV, it got hectic quick. But the support for this mama was unreal. Her husband stood by her side every second of the way.
She felt the urge to push, but with her monitors on and IV placed, she wanted to get in a more comfortable position. With the help of her doula and the midwives, she turned to her hands and knees to push.
Shortly after, he was born and placed into his mother’s hands. He was handed to his dad, and taken to the bassinet to do measurements while his mom received some after birth care.
Soon afterwards, he was reunited with his mother. You could tell that both parents were simply infatuated by their fourth son.

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Doula meets laboring mother at the hospital parking lotDoula applies counter pressure to moms hips in the hosptial hallway

Doula and husband hug at the arrival to the hospital

Woman focuses on contraction while getting ready for the birth of her son

Woman leans over hospital bed during contraction while getting ready to birth her son during birth photography sessionMom holds stomach between contractions in a hospital room during the labor and delivery

Woman leans on hospital bed while her doula does hip squeezes and her midwives watch from behind during a contraction at a birth in Utah

Woman works through contraction as midwife applies counter pressure and doula offers her support

A nurse puts on fetal monitors around mothers belly during a hospital birth story

Doula and midwife applies counter pressure on mothers knees during contractions

Husband holds wifes hands as she gets ready to push during the birth story photography session

two doulas, two midwives, a nurse and a husband apply pressure and support to mother as she labors in a Utah birth story

Woman lies in hospital bed with her eyes closed as she prepared for the birth of her son

Midwives hand the mother her newborn son right after birth

Dad cuts his sons umbilical cord after hospital birth

Newborn baby cries while nurse does his first newborn check

Dad holds his baby and looks at him in awe

Mom smiles as she is handed her newborn baby

Mom smiles while breastfeeding her newborn son in the hospital bed after birth story