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    Relax, Release and Open Presets Out Now!

    I am SO excited to have these presets available for you guys.
    I actually made them and listed them a few months ago, but I am finally getting around to making this post (thanks, COVID!) I have named these presets the Relax, Release and Open Presets, because they’re been made specifically for birth (although, I use them on all my photos!) Click here to purchase them!


    The “Why” Behind the Presets

    I created these presets, because I was struggling to find something that was true to color, vibrant and made sure to keep skin tones creamy. I use these presets on every birth session without fail and they were tweaked for months before I felt comfortable enough to release them.
    Here is a closer look at the before and afters:






    How to Use the Presets

    When I use the presets, I use them in this order:
    1. Set the white balance
    I shoot in auto WB for births, because there are too many changing factors that would make shooting in K harder. So the first thing I do in LR is use the dropper tool to set my white balance (if necessary).
    2. Adjust exposure and blacks
    Next, I will bring up my exposure (since I typically underexpose) and adjust the “blacks” slider.
    3. Adjust Temp and Tint
    Ocassionally, the preset will make the image look a tad too warm or orange. If this is the case, I’ll either pull back the temperature slider or pull back the orange saturation – whichever looks best.
    And that’s it! It really is that simple. Typically once I have one image looking how I like it, I can use the “previous” button on each image to bring the settings from the last image over to the next.
    Click here to purchase the presets!