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    How to Upload Mobile Presets into Lightroom App

    Hello guys! I just recently released my mobile presets. They’re perfect for birth or for every day photos that need a little life to them! With these presets came lots of questions about how to upload them onto the Lightroom Mobile App, so here are the instructions for getting the presets into the mobile app.


    Importing Mobile Presets into Lightroom

    These instructions show you how to download the preset to your desktop computer and get them onto your mobile lightroom app.
    1. Download the ZIP file to your computer
    Download the ZIP file, right click and extract the files (save them somewhere easily accessible, like your desktop.)
    2. Upload your presets to Dropbox or other cloud storage app
    Upload these files to Dropbox or your favorite cloud storage program.
    3. Open the Dropbox app on your phone
    Open the Dropbox app on your phone and make sure it has synced (you should see your saved presets in there). The presets are DNG files, which appear as photos.
    4. Save the photos (DNG files) from Dropbox to your camera roll
    5. Open up the Lightroom app and import each preset (which appear as photos) into Lightroom
    6. Click the three dots at the top and select “create preset”
    7. Choose a name, checkmark all of the boxes and click the checkmark
    8. Do the same for the second preset

    To Use the Preset

    1. Open the Lightroom App
    2. Select the photo you want to edit
    3. Slide over to the “Preset” option, choose preset and click the checkmark
    4. Adjust other settings as needed
    5. Export photo to camera roll

    If you have questions about how to add these moblie presets to the Lightroom Mobile app or you need help using them, please feel free to reach out to me by my contact form and I will be in touch soon!
    Thank you for your purchase!

    Instruction credit to Stay Close Travel Far. If you find their insturctions easier, I followed option B. Option A is used if you are able to extract XIP files on your cell phone.