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    Fresh 48 Session Guide

    A fresh 48 session is a session in hospital (or location of birth) within 24-48 hours of birth. My main goal for these sessions is to capture the raw and candid first moments with your baby. The sessions are lifestyle sessions, which means they aren’t posed and props aren’t used.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What if my baby doesn’t arrive on time?

    In this line of work (and the rest of your time as a mother) we go by baby’s schedule! I will be on call during the weeks surrounding your due date, so I’ll be ready when baby decides to make an entrance!


    1. Can my older children (or other relatives) be in the photos?

    Of course! I love getting to capture the first time a sibling meets their new baby brother or sister. I suggest having someone wait with the older siblings until after I finish the individual photos of the baby, that way I can capture their first reactions to meeting their new sibling.


    1. How do we get in touch when the baby arrives?

    Please contact me as soon as possible once you’re in labor (or if you schedule an induction or C-section date). Then contact me again once baby is born. At this point, we will pick a time for me to come do the session that works best for both of us!

    Salt Lake City Fresh 48 Photographer brother with newborn sister

    What to Wear

    I personally recommend that you and your spouse wear something comfortable. The whole idea of this shoot is to document the raw and candid moments after the birth of your baby. Most moms choose to wear a nursing tank top, yoga pants and a robe. For dads, a plain t-shirt and jeans are great. Neutral, solid colors look best and try to avoid bright colors, busy patterns and large logos


    Baby should be wearing the hospital shirt, a diaper and the hospital swaddle blanket. This way I can capture the first few days of baby’s life most accurately. If you have a special outfit, hat or swaddle that you’d like to incorporate into the session, I would love to do so at the end!

    Birth Fresh 48 Photography session

    Before the Session

    Before your session, please notify your potential visitors and your nurse that you will be doing your photoshoot, so we can keep interruptions to a minimum.

    About 30 minutes before your session, feed your baby so they are nice and sleepy.

    Turn up the heat (or turn down the A/C) in your room so the baby will be comfortable during unswaddled poses.

    What to Expect During Your Session

    Having a baby is a lot of hard work and moms often find themselves feeling hazy and forgetful. A Fresh 48 Session is geared toward capturing the raw, candid moments after having your baby and therefor they’re a documentary styled photoshoot.

    Once I get there, I will tidy up odds and ends in the room, open all the blinds and then turn off all the artificial lights in the room. I typically will start of individual photos of the baby, photos of each parent (and siblings if applicable) and then we will finish with the group family photos.

    If baby becomes hungry, don’t worry! I will gladly capture that moment for you if you desire.

    I hope you are able to look back at these photos and remember the first time you rocked your baby to sleep and the small little details that can be so easy to forget.

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