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    Twin Home Birth

    A twin home birth is not something that most people come across often. A lot of people think that twins NEED to be delivered in an OR via c section… and while that CAN be true, it’s also true that you can birth twins vaginally, at home and with one baby even being BREECH. (This was a unicorn birth FOR SURE!)

    Mother works through contraction on her hands and knees, while her birth team supports her



    I got a call from Vilate around 9pm. She was calling to let me know that she thought labor was starting and that she’d keep me into the loop, but to be ready to leave once I got the call.
    Months earlier during our first consultation, she had mentioned that she labors quickly. This was her 4th and 5th baby, so I trusted the knowledge she had about her births packed up all my bags and got them ready to go. About an hour later I received a text from Vilate.
    “You can come now.”

    Twin A


    Twin A is born into his mother's hands with the help of her midwife and husband by her side during a birth in Utah

    About 5 minutes after arriving (barley long enough for me to get my equipment set up), twin A was born into his mother’s arms with the help of her midwife. She pulled him up to her chest and held him close… even through the contractions she was getting for baby B.
    Twin A is born into his mother’s hands with dad offering a supportive hand Mom holds Twin A in her arms as midwife and husband help unwrap his cord from around his body
    Mom holds baby A while getting another contraction in preperation of the birth of Twin B
    midwife looks at umbilical cord of twin A after home birth

    Twin B – Footling Breech

    Soon after twin A was born, Vilate handed the baby to her sister while she prepared for the birth of twin B. As she laid back, her husband helped support her slowy down to the ground so she could push.
    Twin B’s little feet started making their way out when the midwife said “twin b is presenting breech!” With focus and grace, the midwife helped deliver baby B breech. He was born a quick 4 minutes after his “older” brother!

    Mother leans on her husband as she waits for the birth of twin B during a home birth in salt lake city
    Baby B presenting footling breech during a birth story in salt lake city utah
    Mother pushed through contraction as baby B is born footling breech at home Baby B is placed on moms chest during a twin home birth story in salt lake city utah


    After Birth Pains and Newborn Checks

    After both twins were born, Vilate started having some intense after birth pains. With both twins in her arms, you could feel the joy between her and her husband exploding.

    Both twins lie on mothers chest after home birth in Utah Mom holds twins while dad offers support after a home twin birth
    Dad smiles at midwife after the birth of his twin sons at home
    Mom smiles at her husband after giving birth to their twins at home at a home birth in Utah

    While mom got up and situated, the midwives started to do the newborn checks. Both babies weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and 6 lbs 13 oz, respectively, and both were around 20 inches long! This was amazing, considering most twins are typically smaller at birth.
    Both babies are happy and healthy, and their birth was one for the books. Vilate’s strength is immeasurable.
    Mother attempts to breastfeed twin A for the first time after home birth
    Baby A sucks on his fingers after being born at home
    Twin placenta showing the divide between amniotic sacs
    Twin B sucks his thumb while wrapped in a green towel
    Twin B lies on daddy's chest after birth with his eyes open
    Mom holds twin boys after a twin home birth in utah
    Midwife holds newborn baby boy after a home birth story
    Midwife does a newborn check on twin B and hold his hand with her finger

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