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    My Birth Story | Charlotte Finn

    I woke up at 4am to a very sharp contraction. The first thought in my head was “could this be it?” I noted the time and fell back asleep.
    Again, I was woken up to a sharp contraction. It’s been about 25 minutes since the last one. I decide to get up and take a bath. As the hours continue, the slowly get closer and closer together.

    “Today might be the day!” I message my doula. But by 11am, the contractions start to fizzle out. I’m defeated. I’ve had prodromal labor for about a week and a half before this and my body and mind are so tired.

    I decide to go grocery shopping and take the kids swimming to keep my mind off things. At the pool, my contractions started up at gain. Except they were about 10 minutes apart and not very consistent.

    I start timing my contractions. They’re 6 minutes apart, then 10, then 8.. an inconsistency that made me second guess if labor was really starting.

    I called my midwife and she suggested I head into labor and delivery to get monitored. I called my husband and let him know that labor was possibly starting and that the midwife told me to head in and get checked. He asked if he should come pick me up, but I told him to stay at work for a little longer and I’d call him when I needed him.

    About two hours later, I called him and asked him to come home. At this point, I started packing the hospital bags and getting everything ready by the door.

    The kids were dressed, bags were packed and arrangements had been set up with my mother in law to watch our kids. Nick got home, took a shower and we headed out to drop the kids off at his moms.

    My contractions were getting stronger, but they were so inconsistent. I remember looking at the clock and realizing it had been 15 minutes since my last contraction.

    “This better be the real deal” I kept thinking.

    We arrived at IMC at about 8:15pm. I was calm, collected and peaceful. I was definitely worried this could be a false alarm. But I checked in and got settled.

    At 8:30, the nurse checked me. 3.5cm dilated and 80% effaced.


    “I’ll come check you in an hour. If you’ve made progress, we’ll keep you here longer. If not, we’ll send you home” the nurse said. She hooked me up to the monitors and left the room.

    45 minutes later I felt a big (and painful) POP. My water broke!

    The nurse came in and checked me again. I was 4.5cm dilated and 90% effaced. Things were definitely moving. After my water broke, things started getting fast and intense.

    My contractions started coming 2 minutes apart and we’re stronger than ever. My hips and back hurt so bad I couldn’t even sit. We contacted our doula (Katie Forster) and the photographer (Julie Burr) and told them it was the real deal and that things were moving FAST.

    Julie arrived first, then Katie. At first we tried some essential oils to help relax me, but the contractions were coming so close it was hard for me to relax and focus. I moved from the floor to the bed, which seemed to be the most comfortable to me.


    I remember feeling like I was in a different dimension. The people around me were muffled and anyone who wasn’t directly by my side seemed to be on a different world. A few times I remember falling asleep between contractions and trying to find peace, but for the most part I yelled and begged for some way to take the pain away.

    Katie, my mom and nick took turns with counter pressure and various comfort measures (especially ice packs and wet towels, because I was burning hot!). I was getting close to pushing. I could feel it. My midwife checked me again, but this time I had a cervical lip… I screamed as she released it and shortly after I was able to push.


    I remember thinking “this is it. All I have to do now is push her out and this will all be over with” I instantly found motivation and energy and I pushed. Only a few pushes later and sweet Charlotte was placed on my chest.


    I remember feeling instant relief. Although tired, I was washed over by various emotions. Love. Relief. Exhaustion. Euphoria.


    My sweet rainbow was finally here. I waited so long and she was finally here.


    I was checked into the hospital at 8:30pm, my water broke at 9:15(ish) and she was born at 11:50 on June 26, 2019. She weighed 7lbs 9oz and 20 1/4 inches of pure perfection!

    To see more images from my birth story, watch the YouTube video below!


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