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    Lydia’s Birth Story | Salt Lake City Birth Photographer

    I was first in contact with Lydia and Ben about 4 to 5 months ago, when their doula (Beth Hardy with Hear Tones Doula) had contacted me to mention that they may be interested in hiring a birth photographer to preserve their birth story. After contacting them, they had decided to book the birth session for a due date of early December.

    Lydia and Ben had decided to deliver at Wasatch Midwifery and Wellness (I mean, who WOULDN’T want to?! Have you seen their beautiful birth center?!), which is located in Holladay, Utah off of Wasatch Blvd.


    The Morning of Labor

    On the morning of December 20th, Lydia had contacted me at 6am to let me know that she would be going into the birth center at 7am. After arriving at the birth center, the sun was nearly about to rise and it was quite and calm. Lydia’s contractions were inconsistent, but ranging between 10-15 minutes apart in the beginning.

    To try and get things going, Lydia and Ben decided to go on a short walk. Once back at the birth center, things started picking up.


    Active Labor

    Contractions started getting closer and closer together, until they were 1-2 minutes apart lasting 30 seconds to 1 minute. This was exhausting for lydia as she tried to progress through active labor. She labored on the bed, she spent some time on her hands and knees in the bathroom and she eventually made her way into the tub. The bathtub seemed to help her relax a bit and once things seemed to start calming down a little, she decided to get out and birth on a stool.



    Once to the stool, it was only a few minutes until she began to push. Lydia labored with such power and grace and her son was born just minutes later. At 8lbs and 10oz and dark hair, little Mitt was my last baby of 2019.

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    Utah doula smiles at laboring mother while she massages her legs A doula holds a pregnant woman's hand as the walk while she's in labor
    husband places his hand on laboring wife's arm while she has a contraction

    Laboring mom sits on birth ball during a birth photography session Husband applies counter pressure to wife's back while she works through a contraction during labor

    Husband sits next to wife while she has a contraction on the edge of a bed during labor

    A doula applies counter pressure to a laboring woman's back while she lies in bed during birth A pregnant woman gets a contraction while her husband and doula help her into a bath

    A laboring woman sits in a bath in between contractions

    A doula supports a laboring mother during birth in a bathtub A mother sits in a bathtub with a doula by her side during a birth story

    A doula and husband sit near laboring mother while she labors in a bathtub during birth story session

    A husband sits close by as his wife labors in bathtub Mother sits in bathtub while she labors during her birth story

    Husband sits behind his wife as she gets ready to push during labor and delivery

    Husband sits behind wife while she pushes during birth story in Salt Lake City Utah Baby is placed on mother's chest after he is born

    Mother and Father smile at each other after giving birth to their son during a birth photography session

    Mother and father cry as they meet their new son after giving birth Son lies on his mother's chest after birth

    Mother and father smile at their newborn son after birth story

    Mom smiles and hugs her newborn son after giving birth during a birth photography session in salt lake city