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    14 Things To Do With Your Kids During the Coronavirus School Closure

    This whole Coronavirus thing has been a little crazy. School closure, college classes moved online, events and concerts canceled, businesses closing down, etc. It’s caused panic and wreaked havoc for days now. But as you settle in to your new normal, here is a list of things you can do with your kids during the 2-week school closure.


    The very first thing I did when I heard about school closure was hand over some cleaning supplies to my kids and started to clean. I cleaned and disinfected every high-traffic area in the house, including door knobs, the kitchen, the bathroom, etc. I was planning on doing some spring cleaning anyway, so this just helped kick me into gear a little quicker.
    It’s the perfect time to teach your kids about high-traffic areas like doorknobs and why they should be cleaned frequently (and not just during a massive pandemic). Give your children the cleaning supplies and show them how to do all the deep cleaning tasks you do!

    2. Marie Kondo

    This sort of goes with cleaning, but is still separate enough for it’s own bullet point. In addition to you Marie Kondo-ing your things, have the kids sit with you and go through old toys, clothes and other things to get rid of everything that doesn’t absolutely spark joy for them.
    It’s a great time to teach them about only holding onto items that they deeply love!


    Yes! Harry Potter fans – I know you’re ready to sit down and watch the Harry Potter series in order, while basically reciting every scene word for word (oh, is that only me? Oops. Hahah).
    As a kid, I remember getting some snacks, some cozy blankets and having some movie marathons with my mom. Those are really some of the BEST memories I have. And it’s a great time to explore new movies you might not have otherwise watched. Pop some popcorn and enjoy snuggling up with your littles!

    4. Reading Day

    Libraries might be closed in your area, but consider having a reading day with the books you have on hand. My husband is currently reading the Harry Potter books to the kids and we’ll likely pick up on that a bit. This will also help keep their reading skills going while they get a break from school. My kids don’t have curriculum or online learning resources yet, so it’s important to keep up on those skills so they don’t take a dip with all the progress they’ve made.

    5. Bake/cook something new

    I don’t know about you guys, but ALL my kids absolutely love to help me bake things. Find a new recipe on Pinterest (like this easy fudge recipe we’re trying today) and let them measure out, mix and pour away! This is such a wonderful time to further expand their cooking knowledge. These kiddos are going to be adults one day and you want to make sure they know how to cook you yummy deserts. Lol

    6. Get some fresh air

    Being quarantined can feel like you’re stuck inside, but it’s okay to go outside and get some fresh air. Take a walk, ride some bikes or just sit out on your porch and get some fresh air. Plus, I just read this article about the 1918 influenza pandemic and how they used fresh air with their treatment plans. What better excuse to get out an enjoy this nice, spring weather?!

    7. Teach Your Kids About Self Care

    This will probably be more work than self care for you, but this is a great time to teach kids how to take care of themselves and do things that helps their wellbeing. Have a spa day with them and do facials, nails, hair, etc. Get them feeling fresh, confident and LOVED!

    8. YOGA

    I know my kids LOVE when I bust out the yoga mat. Search YouTube for some simple yoga sequences and get your kids pumped up and involved. I love this idea, because it’s a great way to get blood flowing and energy out.

    9. Make the ULTIMATE blanket fort

    I am sure your kids are the same, but my kids LOVE blanket forts. There is a new one constructed somewhere in the house almost daily. Jump in on the fun and create a massive fort with your kids. This is something they’ll probably remember fondly for the rest of their lives!

    10. Play board games

    Games like monopoly are especially encouraged, since they teach your kids about money! They’re missing 2 weeks of school, so any excuse to sneak some education in their daily lives is a plus – especially when it also happens to be fun!
    But any board game is fair game at this point. I am sure you’re going a little stir crazy and if Hungry Hungry Hippos is what keeps the people happy, then play Hungry Hungry Hippos!

    11. Dance Party

    Blast the music and have a dance party! It’s a good way to get good vibes flowing and release some energy. Plus, who doesn’t like to bust out in song and dance?!

    12. Craft Day

    Bust out the markers, crayons, paint and paper and start making crafts! Mother’s day is coming up fairly soon, so have your kids make a homemade gift for your mom or just have them make gifts for people they love.
    In a scary pandemic where the whole world seems to be shutting down, it can be easy to forget to be giving and loving towards others. This is the perfect way to keep service and giving in your kids mind – even during a pandemic!

    13. Obstacle Course

    Okay, I don’t know about your kids… but my kids LOVE creating obstacle courses with the furniture and running/jumping/rolling around them. Create a giant obstacle course and let them run wild!

    14. Science Experiments

    This one can get messy, but it’s oh-so-fun. Here is a list of science experiments you can do in the kitchen. And most of them use ingredients you already have, so a store run is not necessary!
    Did I miss anything? Feel free to let me know about other fun activities we can do at home during this quarantine period. Stay safe and remember: WASH YO HANDS!