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    A Little More About Me!

    Hey guys, I decided I’d kick off my first blog with a little introduction!

    My name is Rowan and I am a local photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    I was born and raised in Salt Lake (well, mostly) and grew up in a few different neighborhoods throughout the valley. I spent my sophomore and senior years of high school in Bellingham, Washington, but quickly came back to the place I call home!
    I have three young kiddos and my husband and I are currently expecting baby number 4 (aka our last baby!). As a family, we all really enjoy summer. Like if it was summer all the time, we’d be happy little campers (literally).




    My journey in photography started in the January of 2015, when I took a photography class to fill an art credit for my digital marketing degree. I purchased a cheap DLSR and began learning the ins and outs of photography. In all honesty, I never thought that I would become so passionate about photography. But my love for photography grew and instead of taking pictures for my family, I started taking pictures for other people’s families.

    Most of my photography sessions were family sessions in the beginning, but one of my major 2018 goals is to start specializing primarily in all things baby (aka maternity, birth, fresh 48 & newborn photography).



    In addition to the newborn/family photography aspect of Rowtography, I also do a lot of corporate events and headshots. I have photographed real estate events, Christmas parties, charity events and multiple headshots for business professionals. In all honesty, I LOVE this aspect of my photography business just as much as I love the newborn baby aspect!




    I intend to use this blog section as a method of sharing recent sessions and helping people get the most out of their photography session – weather its with me or another fellow photog!

    If you ever have any questions or would like to reach out to me, please feel free to fill out this contact form or shoot me a text or call at 801-347-7114.