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    Ezra’s Fresh 48 Session & Video | Salt Lake City Fresh 48 Photographer

    I am so happy I was able to capture this fresh 48 session for this sweet fam! Ezra was born at the Univeristy of Utah Hosptial in Salt Lake City, Utah. Not only did he have the perfect skin and hair, but he was also so well behaved. Below is the fresh 48 video.

    Meeting this family was a saving grace! I was so happy to be able to use some new gear to make this video and the lighting on that day was amazing. With a daughter and a pair of twin boys, these parents welcomed one more boy to the family. To find out more about fresh 48 sessions, click here!

    Baby sleeping in bassinet wearing a University of Utah hat

    Dad holds son up near his face while he sleeps

    Dad holds baby in hands while baby sleeps during a fresh 48 session at the university of Utah hospital

    Baby with dark hair wrapped in hospital blanket sleeping in bassinet during a fresh 48 photography session

    Baby in University of Utah hat sleeps in hospital bassinet during a fresh 48 photography session

    Dad holds baby in his hand during a hospital photography session at the University of Utah Hospital

    Dad holds newborn baby in hands while baby sleeps

    Baby boy sleeps in dads hands while wrapped in a blanket in Salt Lake City, Utah

    Baby sleeps in bassinet wrapped in a hospital blanket in salt lake city, utah