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    Birth Photography Guide

    Birth sessions are one of my favorite types of sessions. I have no doubt that your baby’s birthday will be absolutely beautiful. This post will help guide you in preparation for your birth story.

    When You Should Contact Me

    Text or call me when you feel like labor is starting or will be starting soon. At this point, I will be able to make sure to have my equipment and myself ready to go once labor intensifies. Please make sure to let me know if your water breaks or when you are on your way to the hospital or when you are ready to call your Midwife. I typically try and head towards your location of birth at about 6-7cm, depending on how far (or close) your hospital, birthing center or home is. If you are unsure of when you should contact me, ask your provider to let you know when you are in active labor. They will be the best gauge.

    Signs of Active Labor:

    1. Strong Contractions, about 3-4 minutes apart
    2. Lower Abdominal Pressure
    3. Dilated to 6cm
    4. Water Breaking


    Salt Lake City Birth Photographer doctor talking to laboring mother

    What About Lighting?

    Lighting can be a tricky part of birth photography, but the camera I use has great low-light capabilities! If the lighting is too low, I may make slight adjustments.

    I also have an external flash that I bounce off the ceiling to help with low-light situations, but the flash will never be directed towards you or baby and most people don’t even know it’s being used!

    mother has pressure applied to lower back during labor

    What You Should Wear

    You should wear whatever makes you comfortable, but solid colors with no (or small) logos are best. Patterns and large logos can distract from the focus of the session – you, family and of course your new baby!


    When You Can Expect Your Photos

    I will deliver sneak-peek images within 24 hours of the session so you are able to beautifully announce the birth of your baby. The rest of the images will be edited within 1-2 weeks from the session and will be delivered through an online gallery made specifically for you. There will also be an option to purchase prints from the gallery with a local print shop in South Salt Lake – the quality of the prints are amazing!

    With your package, you will have print lease for your photos. This means you may print your photos at any print shop or store you’d like. But the image quality of the photos you’ll get with the local professional print shop I work with will provide you with quality prints and canvases every time!


    A doula applies counter pressure to a laboring woman's back while she lies in bed during birth

    Sharing Policy

    Your birth story is yours to share! With your photography contract, there is a model release for me to use images for marketing or portfolio purposes – but I will NEVER share anything you or your family is uncomfortable with sharing.

    If you would like to share your images with friends and family, PLEASE DO! I would also love if you could tag me in the images. Finding new clients through clients I have previously worked with is an honor!


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