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    A Story of Love and Pregnancy Loss

    In America, and I am sure other parts of the world, infant and pregnancy loss is taboo – and I get it. Babies shouldn’t die. It goes against everything we understand as humans and can cast a shadow of fear across us like nothing else. But babies sometimes die and we owe it to their parents to make the topic easier for them to talk about. (more…)

    Birth Photography and the COVID 19 pandemic

    2020 was undoubtably the weirdest year I have experienced as a birth photogrpaher. I learned a lot about perseverance, learning to accept “plan B,” and letting go of things that just can’t change. A lot of pregnant people found themselves under supported. Women went to appointments alone, only to be unsupported when they discovered their babies no longer had heartbeats. Women went into labor without their partners present. They wore masks through heavy breathing, while pushing out their babies. They were denied support from doulas, friends, family, etc. Siblings haven’t been allowed in hospitals to meet their baby brother or sister. (more…)