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    Attempted VBAC | Salt Lake City Birth Photographer

    I met this family last second and the decision to document thier birth came only days before they ended up in the hospital after her water broke. It was a last second decision, but it was so easy to connect with them as humans and parents. (more…)

    World Doula Week

    As some of you may know, its world doula week! But a lot of you might not know what a doula even does.
    A doula is a pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum companion who provides the laboring person and their partner physical and emotional support. (more…)

    My Experience with Prenatal Massage

    Okay, I told you guys that I would update you on my FIRST EVER prenatal massage. First things first – I AM SOLD on these. 110% sold. But before I get into my experience at Maternal Massage, I want to drop some info on the benefits of prenatal massage.

    In addition to simply feeling awesome, prenatal massage can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy. (more…)